Start A New Chapter

Interested in starting a BNI Chapter?


You’ve come to the right place.  

It all starts with attending a New Chapter Start Up Discovery Session.

During this session we will go over what is needed, and who is needed to start a chapter.  You see - we have 32 years experience doing this.  We now have over 8400 chapters in over 72 countries around the world.  BNI Stands for Business Network International - with over 234000 members around the world - that is a huge business network to be part of and the opportunities for growing your business are global.

Register for a date, time and location that suits you best.  Bring others with you that you are interested in starting a chapter with.  We will go over our structured and supported process to create a successful BNI chapter starting from the ground up.

If you have any questions please email one of our BNI Chapter Launch Directors:


Nicole Burke

Garth McFadden







Lower Mainland South East:

Discovery Session Dates Below

October 11

November 15

December 13


Lower Mainland West:

Discovery Session Dates Below

November 13

December 11

January 8

February 12

March 12

April 9

May 14

June 11

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